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My bot Zenitsu is an multipurpose discord bot with amazing music and others commands, simple to use

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Prefix: _ use the Prefix infront of EACH command, to use it correctly! INFORMATION COMMANDS-: developer, dj, github, help, invite, ping, uptime, vote

MUSIC COMMANDS-: addrelated, autoplay, playlist, clearqueue, custom, forward, grab, join, jump, loop, lyrics, moveme, mycustom, nowplaying, pause, play, playsc, playskip, radio, removetrack, replay, resume, rewind, search, searchrelated, searchsc, seek, shuffle, skip, status, stop, volume

MUSIC FILTERS-: 8d, bassboost, clear, earrape, echo, flanger, gate, haas, heavybass, karaoke, lightbass, mcompand, nightcore, phaser, pulsator, purebass, reverse, subboost, surrounding, treble, tremolo, vaporwave, vibrato

Setup commands-: addbotchat, adddj, removedj, prefix, removebotchat, reset

Utility commands-: botinfo, embed, info, say, sleeptimer |Invite Zenitsu Now!!❤️| |

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